Urner Alpenkranz 2.0

The «Urner Alpenkranz» (Wreath of Alpine Peaks Uri) is a hiking trail of 40 stages, trekking from one hut to another, from one mountain restaurant to another. This is a long-distance hiking trail, and from high up in the amazing scenery of the Urner Alps we can enjoy a bird’s eye view down to the wonderful valleys. Hiking trails and mountain paths lead over impressive mountain passes, through deep valleys, and past dreamy alpine pastures and clear blue mountain lakes. Some sections involve spectacular glacier traverses. On the journey, we can feast our eyes on jagged mountain tops, impressive glaciers, and legendary landscapes. This truly is a unique hiking experience.

The following Montanara offers are for the trickier sections of the «Urner Alpenkranz» (difficulty T4 and T5). Our certified mountain guide, lead you safely over this technical difficult stages and over some glacier sections .

More information about the Wreath of Alpine Peaks Uri is available at www.alpenkranz.ch